Hello everyone! Here to read my passages? Boy do I have a story for you…

The Miracle and the Sleeper

I was in my bed at one of the older houses I lived in as my family moved plenty since then. I was always a believer in God and prayed every night that I can remember. Of course, there were certain nights where I fell asleep before praying but those were also the nights I had unpleasant dreams. Isn’t it a wonder? How can my unconscious mind know if I prayed or not? There is no truth to this being an actual “thing” because there has been very little times I had a nightmare even after I prayed just like there were times I had no dreams at all without praying.

As I lay there in bed, I started getting kidney pains (a few months earlier I passed kidney stones) and I prayed until I fell asleep, though it was painful. In my dream, I was with other injured people and we were inside of this very nice house at night. One by one, we were led out to the balcony where a fire was at and an older faceless man stood there and all he had to do was touch us on our heads and we would feel this peaceful, sedative feeling as if he was putting us to sleep (or healing us). I awoke without the burden of pain and could only decifer that dream man as God.

Four lungs

I stayed up late one night writing a short story that is currently published as an ebook at Barnes and Noble booksellers. I must have been going through some kind of troubling sentiments because I fell asleep thinking negatively about my writing. I remember listening to a Mastodon song on my iPod as I slept and something peculiar happened. I felt as if my lungs expanded beyond their normal size and I exhaled sighs of pleasure or peace. It was honestly quite difficult to distinguish; the meaning and the truth of this occurrence. I can look at it as an entity of peace being swept over me, a positive feeling from my story or I can see it as a peace/tranquility going through me sent from the great I Am.

Of course as we (spiritual ones) believe in a God, there has to be a Devil. I’ve also encountered him as well in the nonphysical form of thoughts and dreams.


I saw a video where a man (who is now a Pastor) was possessed by a demon while trying to communicate with the Devil. He called them “principalities” later on as he left the religion. In the video, the man moved oddly and disturbing and that voice was of a demon man. For some strange reason I found myself watching the video more and more until I memorized what he was saying as the demon possessed him. I recited it to myself over and over again and after that things started to happen.

I heard in a film once that when the Devil is near he cannot harm you but merely tempt you. I did not feel tempted in any way but little things started to show me the demon in the video may be with me.

The lightbulb broke, trouble sleeping, strange noises in the hall, television stopped working. This only took place for a few days before I noticed everything went back to normal. What else could it have been other than a demonic entity? If it was in my mind; was that still the demon? I’ll never truly understand.

back to God; in the most rewarding sleep I ever had.

The Trials/Dream

I fell asleep downhearted one night without praying and instead of having a bad dream, it was quite pleasant overall. I must add that before I fell asleep I drank a glass of sangria with a few slices of goat cheese. Anyways, in the dream there were things that did not make sense: I was watching The Walking Dead, my father’s friend came over with another child who brought us wine and liquor and I was soon judged on how much property I had on GTA by an unknown man. He told me that I needed to succeed in a trial within a certain time limit (like in Labyrinth) or else I will go to hell.

suddenly I was strapped in an airplane with my loved ones and I remember being afraid of crashing. We witnessed another plane crash and a man with a homing launcher tried to take our plane down. As the plane spiraled down I realized we were all on “passive mode” a GTA term so as the plane blew up we were not harmed. This gave me the sense that we were safe and guarded by God (at least to my interpretation).

The next trial was about a man with Fibromyalgia having to face a fear of being on stage shirtless in front of many people and he did so embarrassingly but to his glee, the people enjoyed his company and started being playful with him and I felt a sense of happiness for the man.

Finally, I was in an enclosed room full of water and I needed to climb a wall to the other side only holding on to small cracks in the wall or else I would drown. The wall became flatter and flatter and I saw someone else doing the same thing (perhaps my old friend Craig) so I showed my fear of dying to him. Just as I felt my fingers slipping I noticed that there were stools below us and all we had to do was reach out to one and we were saved. So again, nothing happened to us because we were “saved”. I then explained that there was no way we can die because something would always save us. We just needed to face our fears over and over again to realize the beautiful truth  that we are saved.

I woke up with a feeling of peace in me that I admit I haven’t felt in months. Who can this be; a dream of such meaning? Am I over analyzing it? Perhaps, but the peace that came with it showed me otherwise.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!


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