I was walking down the boardwalk of Redondo Beach this past weekend and I noticed how foreign others appeared to me. It’s ridiculous because I’ve walked passed these people before I’m certain of it. Left of center, left, boardwalks of beaches and other avenues but still I find them foreign or unapproachable because I’m not like the specific people who were shouting and dancing (as far as I can see, of course).

What is it about other people that tend to make us (introverts) tense up? The chemistry between us? The appearances? I’ve seen palmfuls of different kinds of extroverts around so appearance has little to do with the matter. The forces! That’s what causes us to defend ourselves and open ourselves at times. Because in the world, there really are forces amongst us. It depends on how we (you) perceive these forces. Are they demons? Angels? Ghosts? Who knows.

I spend quite some time away from people because I find it peaceful and comforting to be in my own world where I can lament, laugh and live with what I’ve put into my “world”. Also, I try to write as much as possible because… Why not? I love it. And writing is a solitary hobby/profession so it seems to be my intuition I’ve been following.

During these quiet moments, I gathered enough thoughts to finally understand that we’re all an introvert to an extent. We are built to chase our dreams and we overthink due to the many trials we face but in the “bigger picture”, the world is full of others who are just like you (me).

I read several quotes from authors and poets, musicians and professors who say many things about escapism, trials and tribulations, life and death but all of them had a mutual understanding of “being yourself” and it seems hard to do at times for some but it is peaceful nonetheless and it is the first step to your own salvation. 

I identified myself as a seeker years ago before I came to the terms introvert and extrovert and sometimes I wonder myself if they even exist. Do they?

I think the whole point of being is to just be. Exclude your anxieties, frustrations, desires and uncertainties and be you as I’m being me. There is no specific way you are “supposed” to be that is paved for you and other than destiny (which you cannot foresee) there is no supposed fate for us. As an introverted, humble and learning writer trying to make every second count, take nothing for granted. Learn what you can, do what you can, seek, explore, dream, imagine and create what you want. I tell myself this every day; just be yourself.

So as I have plenty of writing to do (including tedious schoolwork and notes) I’ll leave here a quote from Maynard James Keenan, who also identifies as an introvert; “Life is too short not to create something with every breath that we draw.”



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