The other night I felt like listening to Sarah Mclachlan (which is a side of my musical tastes I keep to myself) and after the day of social obligations and sunny drives with my family, I was longing for a more “soothing” place and I couldn’t think of anywhere better than my room!

So I was in the midst of warming up my mind on what I last wrote; woman weeps, father grows, weeps, woman; child is learning to live, everything is in a knot. Earlier, I could have sworn I sounded much more imaginative in my head. Why is it now I have this issue?

Because of the mundane and usual issues that goes on in one’s life, it may take some moments of silence to completely get into the “writer” self. So before I knew it, I had a palm full of wild emotions that was somehow emitted from completely different things and a blank page before me. How?

I am working on a story and I know what I want it to embody but I just can’t see the words how I imagined it before. I think up a few scenes where my current sentiment could fit in but what happens before and after? I have no clue. And then I start to think about the few articles I read on how “good writers do not transfer their emotions to their work”

I try again, this time after a few mellow songs have passed through my ears (and scenes as well) but instead of my words coming out, the lyrics do. And now I’m writing a novella about “how she loved me so”.

After even more time, I finally detail about my characters’ lives and who they are, based on the sentiments coming from my music. And then piece by piece, each song brings up a level of imagination: young woman, northeastern family, telltales from a father, sadness and then a rejoice.

After several hours of this, I can give thanks to the musicians who inspire me to turn a cheesy love letter into an actual story that carries the same mood, sentiments as the music that inspired it!

There are oftentimes I cannot put together what I want as a writer and although I’ve come up with several concepts that give me a sense of confidence and security in my work, these feelings leave just as fast!

If you’re an overthinker like me, relax and enjoy the simple things in life such as a nice snack and your favorite artist. Has there ever been a song so meaningful to you that you had to transfer those thoughts into your own art?

What is this life all about? And what do you enjoy the most? Answer those questions in the best way you can and then you can share that brief sense of freedom with me!


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