Today I want to talk about the importance of musical inspirations in writing. It may seem foreign to come to conclusions or pass swiftly though the “Moor” in your WIP while jamming to shredding guitar solos but it happens! And more frequently than you might imagine.

This past week I came to the conclusion of my WIP’s continuous arc (thank God!) and I found it troubling to wrap everything up. Of course, there is more to tell because I’m not completely finished. And even though I’m halfway through at around 90,000 words, it might shorten up after editing. 

What helped me get through the rather long bouts of introductory and insights of my arcs was music. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Progressive Rock (long complex songs, odd time signatures, concepts and interludes/reprises) and it puts me in a somewhat magical state to say the least.

My taste in music has matured as well as my taste in films so what used to be Slipknot and Coal Chamber is now bands like The Mars Volta and Opeth. Surprisingly, I found out that Omar Rodriguez Lopez (TMV) got his inspirations to write concept albums from films. I think there are great imaginations inside writers’ minds to come up with anything and with the right song that presses the right buttons, magic happens. 

I’m very appreciative of the (very few) moments where I feel a knot in my chest while I’m writing a dreamishly odd scene as Cassandra Gemini plays in my ear buds. It balances out so perfect that I can actually sleep well without wondering if the man who should have died this way had enough emphasis on his life to instead bite it this way and so on and so forth. 

Also, I should add; on one of the writing forums I use, someone posted that he likes to listen to his favorite ambient songs before writing. That also works very well to reflect whatever mood you need in order to write the particular scene you want. In either case, music does enhance writing. There are still those who prefer to write in silence as it may bring them a peace of mind and time to hear themselves think and that’s great too! 

Just like musicians flesh out concepts from artwork and movie stars read books to develop their roles and readers watch films that are based on books, writers could find a very deep mood in music to help them get through that grisly end. 

I could thank Mikael Akerfeldt and his acoustic passages for giving me quite a vivid image of my WIP’s pivotal moment. Thanks for reading! Go listen to your favorite songs now!


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